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Fetal Death Data

The Department of Health collects information about each fetal death that occurs in Washington State. Fetal deaths are sometimes referred to as stillbirths or miscarriages. Information on fetal deaths is required to be reported to the state when the gestational period is twenty or more weeks.

Fetal death data is collected and analyzed into data tables by the department. These data tables can be used to assess issues related to cause of fetal death, prenatal care, and pregnancy history.

Data Tables

Fetal Death Tables by Topic - Includes information on fetal death categorized by cause of death, mother's age, and fetal weight and sex.

Fetal Death Tables by Year - Includes information on fetal death categorized by year of occurrence.

Data Files

This information is also available in data files. These files are available free of charge to local health jurisdictions in Washington State. Some files are available for purchase by other health researchers. The data files are provided in formats used by people trained in the use of statistical software to answer health research questions.

Information on data files available for purchase

2014 data is currently available with 2015 data to follow in about July 2016.

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