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  • If the content of a document is altered after download, it may no longer meet Washington State requirements.
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Emergency Medical Responder Documents

Washington State Emergency Medical Responder Instructor Guidelines (under revision, required for initial Emergency Medical Responder training in Washington State; needs uploaded file and link)



EMT Documents

  • BLS Practical Skills Evaluation Guidelines – The guidance document to assist training programs and instructors to conduct consistent, reliable and objective practical skill evaluations.
  • EMT Practical Skill Evaluation Skill Sheets – Required for Washington State practical skills examination for: Initial EMT training, Continuing Medical Education (CME) Renewal Method-Practical Skills Examination, and OTEP-Practical Skills Evaluations.
  • EMT Practical Evaluation Skill Sheets – Addendum practical skill sheets for use within an initial EMT course or evaluating  psychomotor skill competency for renewal of certification. These skill sheets should be used during the course but are not required as part of the end of course practical skills examination.

EMT Special Skill Training Curricula


Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT) Documents

  • Washington State AEMT Instructor Guidelines, Revised May 2011. Required for AEMT training in Washington State. To be updated soon.
  • AEMT Practical Skills Guidelines


Paramedic Documents

Washington State Paramedic Instructor Guidelines, Revised May 2011. Required for paramedic training in Washington State. To be updated soon.

Licensing and Certification Documents

Medical Program Director Documents

State EMS and Trauma Documents

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EMS and Trauma Care Steering Committee Data Presentations

Regional EMS and Trauma Documents

Regional Plans

Training Course Applications, Course Schedules and Forms

Some application forms can no longer be filled out on the computer and printed. If this is the case, please print out the form, complete the application and obtain the required signatures.

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Miscellaneous Education and Training Documents

  • Adult and Pediatric Sick/Not Sick rapid patient assessment course manuals and quizzes. Note: Please provide name or agency name and credential number with your request. This information may be used as an enhancement to the Washington State Amended EMT-Basic or First Responder Curricula. This information is NOT required for initial EMT-B or First Responder training in Washington State. Zip File. Individuals wishing to obtain this document must register the required information with Department of Health. When registered, and the requester is from a Washington State EMS agency, the document will be e-mailed to the address provided. Copyright held by  EMT-C, Inc. Permission to use and distribute this course free-of-charge has been granted to the Washington State Department of Health, Office of Emergency Medical Services and Trauma System. This manual may ONLY be provided to and used by Washington State EMS agencies for use in teaching the Adult or Pediatric SICK/NOT SICK course without permission of the authors. All others must obtain permission from the authors.