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Hospitals, Medical Practices, Healthcare Systems, Emergency Responders

We work on projects to improve care for people at risk for developing heart disease or stroke and those who actually have heart disease or stroke.

We bring community stakeholders together and look at gaps in care to find ways for people to receive the best care possible from medical care in the community to emergency care, hospital care, and rehabilitation.

Emergency Cardiac and Stroke Response

To get heart attack and stroke patients to the right place in time to receive the best care, we worked with the Office of Community Health Systems, as well as other experts and partners from across the state, to create the Emergency Cardiac and Stroke System.

Washington Health Home

A quality improvement initiative for medical practices.

Get With the GuidelinesSM

The program partners with the American Heart/American Stroke Association to promote hospital participation in Get With The GuidelinesSM, a hospital-based quality improvement program developed by the Heart Association.


A project to increase patient participation in cardiac and stroke rehabilitation with initial work to identify current rehabilitation resources, identify gaps, and find potential solutions.

For more information about our work with emergency responders, contact Kim Kelley.
For more information about our work in hospitals, medical practices, healthcare systems, and rehabilitation, contact Colette Rush.

Public Education

Hospitals, emergency medical services, and dispatch providers should work together to provide public education about:

  • Heart attack and stroke signs and symptoms.
  • The importance of calling 911.
  • The benefits of getting treatment fast.

To support this work, we suggest following strategies and resources.

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