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Syndromic Surveillance

The Washington State Department of Health supports submission of syndromic surveillance data from eligible hospitals and eligible professionals in alignment with activities related to Meaningful Use (MU). 


Some eligible professionals may qualify for an exclusion from syndromic surveillance reporting. To determine if you qualify, please refer to the Public Health Meaningful Use Eligibility Criteria

Onboarding Process

Step 1. Registration

  • Register intent to submit syndromic surveillance data to public health. 

Step 2. Message Structure Validation

Step 3. Connectivity

Once test messages are submitted using a secure connection, the facility’s MU status will change to “Testing and Validation.” 

Step 4. Message Content Validation

  • Submit at least 1 week’s worth of messages to the department using the secure transport method established in step 3. These messages should be generated using the facility’s production electronic health record system. Facilities are encouraged to begin regular transmission of syndromic surveillance messages at this point to ensure thorough validation.

Department of Health staff will review messages for consistency with federal and state requirements. Feedback will be provided to the facility on any issues that need to be addressed. Please note, there is currently a large backlog of facilities waiting for feedback. Department staff will provide feedback once they are able to do so.

  • Incorporate feedback from department staff to ensure message content is consistent with federal and state requirements.
  • Participate in a meeting with department staff to complete additional validation activities and discuss any additional work needed to achieve production status. Department staff will contact the facility to schedule this meeting. Additional instructions for preparing for the meeting will be included in the meeting invitation.

Step 5. Production

Once activities for steps 4 and 5 are complete, the facility’s MU status will be updated from “Testing and Validation” to “In Production.” Department staff will provide an acknowledgement of being “In Production” at the completion of this step.

For More Information

Contact the Washington State Department of Health Syndromic Surveillance Coordinator at