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Public Health Reporting of Electronic Data (PHRED)

What is Public Health Reporting of Electronic Data (PHRED)?

Public Health Reporting of Electronic Data (PHRED) makes sending laboratory results, hospital case reports, and other information about notifiable conditions to Department of Health and local health departments fast, private and secure. Department of Health is working collaboratively with laboratories, hospitals, and local health jurisdictions to implement this project.

Currently, most commercial and hospital laboratories use cumbersome paper-based methods to report lab results. Hospitals use similar paper-based methods to report cases. PHRED will enable the labs and hospitals to complete their reports electronically and transmit them securely via the Internet.

Security and protecting patient confidentiality are critical parts of this new process. PHRED will use secure Internet technologies along with strict guidelines to protect personal health information.

Another exciting improvement to the reporting process is the streamlining and standardization of the information labs and hospitals report. Public health uses this information in the investigation of health crises and disease outbreaks, and electronic reporting results in more timely data for these investigations. In addition, with all labs and hospitals reporting in the same format, the completeness, reliability and accessibility of the information is vastly improved.

How PHRED Works

Laboratories and hospitals will send notifiable condition results, case reports and other data over the Internet to Department of Health as secure electronic files.

Department of Health will process the information and create individualized electronic reports for the local health jurisdiction(s) or Department of Health program which has the legal responsibility for conducting the case investigation around this particular health event.

These reports will be securely stored on a Department of Health file server awaiting retrieval.

Using digital certificate technology as proof of identity, authorized local public health and Department of Health program staff members will be able to securely retrieve the results from the Department of Health server via the PHRED website.

Access to PHRED

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Electronic Laboratory Reporting Status

To review a list of laboratories reporting through PHRED, visit our Electronic Laboratory Reporting Status webpage.

For more information, read our Public Health Reporting of Electronic Data (PHRED) Fact Sheet (PDF)


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