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Migrant Farmworker/Temporary Worker Housing

Construction and Infrastructure Verification

The Migrant Farmwork Housing (MFH) Program verifies that all migrant farmworker housing construction and infrastructure development is completed and has been approved.

We review copies of your final approval records that we ask you to submit to the department with your initial or renewal application.

Initial Application

You'll need copies of certificate of completion or occupancy for each existing housing facility structure.

Renewing Applicant

If you have new construction or new infrastructure installed since your previous year’s application:

  • Copies of each certificate of completion or occupancy for each new construction project, and/or
  • Copies of approval papers of newly installed infrastructure (sewage, water, electrical).
  • If this increased the occupancy, also submit an initial application and enter the new number of units and occupants.


Please submit your documentation to the department with your application at the following address:

Department of Health
Construction Review Services
111 Israel Rd. S.E. MS 47852
Tumwater, WA 98501 

If submitting your verification documentation separate from the application/renewal, please send to:

Washington State Department of Health
Health Systems Quality Assurance - MFH
P.O. Box 47877
Olympia, WA 98504-7877