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Policies, Guidelines, Rules and Statements


Interpretive Statement

Interpretive statement means a written expression of the opinion of an agency as to the meaning of a statute or other provision of law, of a court decision, or of an agency order.

Policy Statement

Policy statement means a written description of the current approach of an agency to implementation of a statute or other provision of law, of a court decision, or of an agency order, including where appropriate the agency's current practice, procedure, or method of action based upon that approach.


A set of recommended practices designed by the Commission to assist practitioners about appropriate health care for specific circumstances. A guideline does not have the force of law, but may be considered by the Commission to be the standard of care in our state.

Rules, Policies, Guidelines and Statements

Medical Commission Rules

Pain Management: WAC 246-919-850 5/24/2011

Retired Active License: WAC 246-919-480 2/7/2011

Office Based Surgery: WAC 246-919-601 8/2/2010

Nonsurgical Cosmetic Procedures: WAC 246-919-606 5/5/2010

Laser, Light, Radiofrequency, Plasma Device: WAC 246-919-605 1/24/2007

Sexual Misconduct and Abuse: WAC 246-919-630 1/9/2006

Medical Commission Policies

MD2015-05: Stipulations to Informal Disposition (PDF)

MD2015-04: Possession and Administration of Naloxone (PDF)

MD2013-08: Retention of Medical Records (PDF)

MD2013-07: Impact Statement Policy (PDF)

MD2013-06: Protocol for Pro Tem Appointments (PDF)

MD2013-05: Mandatory Investigations (PDF)

MD2013-04: Referral of Sexual Misconduct Cases (PDF)

MD2013-03: Self-Treatment or Treatment of Immediate Family Members (PDF)

MD2013-02: Whistleblower Protection (PDF)

MD2013-01: Review Procedure for Update! (PDF)

MD2012-04: Reducing Medical Errors-Commission Case Studies (PDF)

MD2012-02: Complainant Request for Reconsideration (PDF)

MD2012-01: Practitioners Exhibiting Disruptive Behavior (PDF)

MD2011-09: Elective Educational Rotations (PDF)

MD2011-08: Preventing Wrong Site, Wrong Procedure, and Wrong Patient Surgery (PDF)

MD2011-07: Processing Completed Investigations More Efficiently (PDF)

MD2011-01: Investigation of Physician Assistants and Sponsoring or Supervising Physicians (PDF)

MD2009-02: Use of Notice of Correction (PDF)

MD2008-03: Treating Partners of Patients with STDs (PDF)

MD2008-01: Reentry to Practice after Extended Time (PDF)

MD2003-03: Use of Lasers in Skin Care and Treatment (PDF)

Medical Commission Guidelines and Statements

MD2015-09: Physician and Physician Assistants' Use of Electronic Medical Record (PDF)

MD2015-08: A Collaborative Approach to Reducing Medical Error and Enhancing Patient Safety (PDF)

MD2015-06: Ownership of Clinics by Physician Assistants (PDF)

MD2015-02: Transmission of Time Critical Information (PDF)

MD2015-01-IS: Delegation of the use of laser, light, radiofrequency, and plasma devices as applied to the skin (PDF)

MD2014-07: Medical Marijuana Authorization Guidelines (PDF)

MD2014-06: Endorsement of Just Culture Principles (PDF)

MD2014-03: Telemedicine Guidelines (PDF)

MD2014-02: Professionalism and Electronic Media (PDF)

MD2012-01-IS: Pain Management Interpretive Statement (PDF)

MD2002-04: Internet Use (PDF)

Laws Relating to Medical Practice

Revised Code of Washington (RCW)

A statute or Revised Code of Washington (RCW) is written by the Washington State Legislature. Once legislation is signed by the Governor, it becomes law.

The site for RCWs is a searchable database on the Internet. You can also access the State Government website at

Other relevant RCWs are:

RCW 18.71 Physicians
RCW 18.71A Physician Assistants
RCW 18.130 Regulation of Health Professions—Uniform Disciplinary Act
RCW 26.44.030 Abuse of Children and Adult Dependent Persons
RCW 34.05 Administrative Procedures Act
RCW 42.56 Public Records Act
RCW 70.02 Medical Records-Health Care Information Access and Disclosure
RCW 74.34  Abuse of Vulnerable Adults

Washington Administrative Code (WAC)

A rule or Washington Administrative Code (WAC) is written to provide interpretive support for the individuals or entities to whom the rule applies. Department of Health rules are written and adopted by a Board or Commission or the Secretary of the Department of Health. Rules or WACs carry the full force of the law.

WACs are available on the State Government website at

The WACs that relate to:

WAC 246-12 Administrative Procedures and Requirements for Credentialed Health Care Providers
WAC 246-15  Whistleblower Complaints in Health Care Settings
WAC 246-919  Physicians
WAC 246-918  Physician Assistants