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Athletic Training Advisory Committee

Committee Information

Name and Term Expiration Date of Members

Member Term Expires
Matthew Bussman, ATC June 30, 2016
Cynthia Wright, ATC
June 15, 2019
Benjamin Henry
June 15, 2019
Rachael Joye, ATC June 30, 2016
Maya Mendoza-Exstrom, Public Member June 30, 2015


The Athletic Training Advisory Committee consists of five members. Four members must be Washington State licensed athletic trainers with no less than five years experience in the practice of athletic training and must be actively engaged in practice within two years of appointment. The fifth member must be appointed from the public at large, and have an interest in the rights of consumers of health services. All members are appointed by the secretary of the Department of Health. Each member of the committee must be a resident of Washington State.

If you or someone you know is interested in applying for appointment, see this webpage for more information. In addition, please submit a current resume and three letters of recommendation. Your thoughtful consideration of this request is appreciated. If you have any questions about serving on the committee, feel free to contact Janette Benham by email or at 360-236-4857.

Public member representatives may not:

  • Have been a credentialed health professional during the previous two years.
  • Be a member of any other healthcare licensing board or commission.
  • Have a fiduciary obligation to a facility rendering healthcare services.
  • Have a financial interest in the rendering of health services.