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Jurisprudence Examination Information

The jurisprudence (JP) exam is available online.

The JP exam is sent electronically to applicants after the Department of Health approves the following:

  • Educational requirements
  • Experience requirements 
  • Successfully passing the Examination of Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP)

The JP exam has 25 multiple choice questions. The exam is open book. Applicants should allow three hours to complete the exam.

Once you have selected your answer and moved to the next question you will not have the ability to go back to check or change your answer(s); your answers are final.

Applicants must get a score of 90 percent in order to pass.

Jurisprudence examination topics

You should know and understand each of the following statutes and rules, and how they relate to the practice of psychology in Washington State.

You may print the exam materials. See the jurisprudence exam regulations (PDF) on our website.


Psychology Law – RCW 18.83

Uniform Disciplinary Act – RCW 18.130

Health Care Information Act – RCW 70.02

Abuse of Children – RCW 26.44

Mental Illness Act – RCW 71.05

Abuse of Vulnerable Adults – RCW 74.34

Psychologists Rules – WAC 246-924

Whistleblower Complaints – WAC 246-15

Administrative Procedures and Requirements for Credentialed – WAC 246-12

Next steps

After passing the exam, the application process will continue and the background information will be completed.

You may verify your credential using Provider Credential Search.

Applicants failing to pass an exam may retake the exam without the board's permission. You'll be required to contact our office to request the exam be re-sent.

Applicants who fail the exam two or more times must get special permission from the board to retake the exam.

If applicants fail an exam two or more times, a minimum of two months must pass before they can retake the exam.

Before applicants take an exam a third time or subsequent time, they must petition the Examining Board of Psychology for approval to retake the exam. The petition must include:

  1. Written letter to the board requesting the chance to take the exam again.
  2. The applicant’s plan to prepare for retaking the exam.
  3. The board will review the request at its next meeting.

Americans with Disabilities Act

If you have a disability that requires an accommodation, please indicate this information on your application.

You may access the forms needed to request an accommodation request on our website. 

The Examining Board of Psychology complies with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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