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For immediate release: October 12, 2012             (12-151)

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Doctor’s license permanently revoked for not cooperating with investigation

Redmond autism clinic medical director’s license now permanently revoked

OLYMPIA - The medical license of physician Mark Geier (MD60041602) has been permanently revoked by the Medical Quality Assurance Commission and the state Department of Health. Although Geier has been living and practicing in Silver Spring, Maryland, he was the medical director of an autism clinic in Redmond.

In January this year, the medical commission indefinitely suspended Geier’s Washington license after his Maryland license was suspended by state officials there. The commission’s January order allowed Geier to request reinstatement of his Washington license only if his Maryland were reinstated; however, last month, Maryland revoked Geier’s license for, among other reasons, failing to meet the standard of care in his treatment of children with autism.

Geier promotes a theory that autism is caused by elevated levels of testosterone. Maryland health officials found he had injected children with Lupron, a long-acting medication used to treat advanced prostate cancer in men and endometriosis in women by reducing hormone levels.

In late 2010 or early 2011 Geier set up a branch of his autism clinics in Redmond, and served as the clinic’s medical director. Geier refused to respond to the commission’s questions about the clinic and wouldn’t provide patient or billing records for the commission’s review.

Geier did not respond to the statement of charges issued against him for failing to cooperate with the commission’s investigation, so the commission revoked his Washington license. He has 10 days to file a petition for reconsideration with the commission, and 30 days to appeal his license revocation to Thurston County Superior Court.

Legal documents in this case (M2012-377) are available by calling 360-236-4700 or online by clicking “Look up a healthcare provider license” on the Department of Health’s home page.

The Medical Quality Assurance Commission protects public health and safety by assuring the competency and quality of physicians and physician assistants. The commission establishes and monitors qualifications for licensure, and consistently enforces practice standards and professional conduct through discipline and continuing education.

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