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Engrossed House Bill 2360 (EHB 2360)

Brief Description of EHB 2360

EHB 2360 changed the way we administered HIV service delivery. It eliminated the six regional AIDS service networks (AIDSNETs). To replace the AIDSNETs, the bill directed the Department of Health to fund HIV services directly. EHB 2360 was passed by the Washington State Legislature on March 16, 2010.


In 1988, the AIDSNETs were established to serve as local lead agencies to plan and coordinate HIV services in Washington. The boundaries of the AIDSNETs reflected the Department of Social and Health Services' six-region service system, with the most populous county in each region designated as the lead county. The lead county coordinated with other local health jurisdictions within the region to create a plan target HIV resources. Department of Health contracted with the AIDSNETs to implement plans within each region.

In January 1, 2011 the agency became responsible for distributing grants to support community services for people who are at risk for HIV, HIV-positive, or living with HIV disease. They also established criteria for awarding grants to support services, including testing and case management.


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ESB 2360 Listening Tour and Community Input Session Notes

Listening Tour Presentation (PDF)

AIDSNET Council & Local Health Jurisdiction Input (PDF)

Region 1 Community Input (PDF)

Region 2 Community Input (PDF)

Region 3 Community Input (PDF)

Region 4 Community Input (PDF)

Region 5 Community Input (PDF)

Region 6 Community Input (PDF)

The Future of HIV Planning and Funding

HIV Prevention Planning (PDF) 

HIV Service Delivery: A Course Forward (PDF)