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This section contains resources for contracted agencies.


Trainings for HIV Prevention Workers

These courses are for people providing HIV Counseling and Testing and Partner Counseling and Referral Services.  These courses are not for people who need an HIV class for their health profession license.  If you are looking for an HIV/AIDS class for your health profession license, please go to HIV/AIDS Classes for Licensure.

Training Schedule

Please see the California STD and HIV Prevention Training Center website for upcoming Partner Services and other HIV prevention trainings to be delivered in Washington:

HIV Prevention Essentials Course

This two-day training will prepare those people entering the field of HIV Prevention as well as those already involved in this type of work in addressing key issues and learning prevention concepts. Course topics include: Basics of HIV Prevention, HIV and Communicable Diseases, Behavior Change, Cultural Competency, Abuse Issues, Sexuality, Substance Use, Mental Health and Worker/Client Relationships. Call 360-236-3486 for more information.

HIV Prevention Counseling Course

These one-, two-, and three-day courses teach HIV prevention counseling skills for HIV testing. They also inform participants regarding the Washington state laws for HIV testing. For additional information please contact Jon Stockton at 360-238-3389 or