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Hepatitis A Vaccine

The hepatitis A vaccine is recommended for:

  • All kids aged 12-23 months.
  • People aged one year and older who travel to or work in countries with high or intermediate prevalence of hepatitis A, such as those located in Central or South America, Mexico, Asia (except Japan), Africa, and Eastern Europe. For more information, see the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Travelers' Health website.
  • Kids and adolescents through age 18 who live in states or communities where routine vaccination has been implemented because of high disease incidence.
  • Men who have sex with men.
  • People who use recreational drugs, injected or not.
  • People with chronic liver disease.
  • People treated with clotting factor concentrates.
  • People who work with infected primates or who work with the hepatitis A virus in research labs.
  • Kids or adolescents in communities where outbreaks of hepatitis A occur.
  • Prevention of hepatitis A virus infection after exposure and before international travel.

Hepatitis A vaccine is not licensed for kids younger than one year.

For kids:
  • The first dose should be given at 12-23 months.
  • Kids unvaccinated by age two can be vaccinated at later visits.

For travelers:

  • Start the vaccine series at least four weeks before travel for the best protection.
  • Immunoglobulin is recommended for travelers less than 12 months of age.
  • For full protection, immunoglobulin should be given in addition to the hepatitis A vaccine if a person is vaccinated less than four weeks prior to international travel departure.


  • The hepatitis A vaccine series may be started whenever a person is at risk of infection.

Two doses of the vaccine are needed for lasting protection. These doses should be given at least six months apart. Hepatitis A vaccine may be given at the same time as other vaccines.

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