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Radioactive Materials

The Radioactive Materials Section regulates radioactive materials licensees throughout the state of Washington. 

A specific license is required to receive, possess, use, transfer, or acquire most radioactive materials.

The Radioactive Materials Section charges an annual fee for each license and registration. Fees support all costs associated with operating the Radioactive Materials Section. A new license applicant is charged a one-time new license application fee to cover pre-licensing inspection costs. The annual fee covers services such as amendments, routine inspections and investigations. There is a separate fee for follow-up inspections and investigations. Licensees are not charged when they need help.

Note to Licensees

If you intend to work at a federal facility in any state, you must obtain reciprocal recognition of your Washington license from the appropriate jurisdiction before beginning work. You will be subject to whatever fees and regulations are in effect for that locality. The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has recently updated fees for its reciprocity provisions. To view these changes visit the NRC website and look at item 16 under 10 CFR 170.31.

Safety Culture

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) encourages all licensees to adopt an organizational culture of nuclear safety to ensure protection of people and the environment. Washington is a NRC agreement state, which means that Washington has regulatory authority over the use of certain radiological materials. The NRC's Safety Culture Policy Statement is not a state regulation or rule. The Washington State Department of Health encourages licensees to make safety the first priority.