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Shellfish Growing Area Annual Reports

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What are the annual growing area reports?

Every year we evaluate commercial shellfish growing areas to make sure they still meet their classification status. We analyze water sample data collected in the previous year and assess potential sources of pollution. When the evaluation is complete, we summarize the results in a brief report for each area.

In addition to the individual growing area reports, we prepare Early Warning System (EWS) Summary Reports for each county. The EWS Summary identifies specific locations (water sample stations) for each growing area in the county where water quality is "threatened" or "of concern."

  • "Threatened" areas could soon be downgraded in classification because water quality is close to failing the standard, or because existing pollution sources may impact public health.
  • Areas "of concern" still meet the standard for their current classification, but the water quality is declining.

 We summarize EWS information into a report titled Shellfish Growing Areas Listed as Threatened or of Concern (PDF). This document lists sample station numbers for each growing area as well as staff contact information for each county.

The Map of Threatened Shellfish Growing Areas (PDF) shows the general locations of the areas listed as threatened or of concern.

See Other Growing Area Reports for fecal pollution, PSP, and other reports related to shellfish growing area water quality.

Shellfish Growing Areas Map