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Water Recreation Safety

Beach Advisories
Find out if the beach you want to visit is open or closed, or if any advisories are posted.


Lake, River, and Beach Water Safety
Stay safe on open water. Know your limits, wear a life jacket, and be prepared for changing seasonal weather.


Pool Safety
Pool safety involves supervision, installing barriers, avoiding entrapments, avoiding illness and injuries, following rules, and knowing life-saving skills.


Recreational Water Illnesses
Illness associated with water recreational activities include Cryptosporidium, E. coli, and swimmer's itch. 


Regulated Water Recreation Facilities
State rules, federal laws, and resources for pool facility designers, builders, owners, and operators.

Water Safety Photo Callout
Stay safe on open water by wearing a life jacket. Make sure the life jacket fits properly. Adults should help kids adjust the straps. Choose the type of life jacket that works best for the activity you are doing.